Here at the Back Room Chiropractic clinic, we were affected by today’s adverse weather conditions. Black Ice Monday made it impossible for Ben to get to the clinic, so, unfortunately we had to stay shut today. We are confident that normal service will resume tomorrow, and apologies for any inconvenience brought about by today’s unavoidable closure.
Yesterday, much of the Midlands, Wales and South of England had wintry showers. The snowy conditions that many of us saw on Sunday were followed by clear skies and sub zero temperatures (as low as-15 degrees Celsius in some parts of North East England. The overnight freeze resulted in treacherous icy conditions that bought travel chaos to much of our region today.
Black ice is the clear ice that forms when wet areas freeze. It is particularly treacherous on roads and pavements because it is so difficult to see
General advice for pedestrians is to dress weather appropriately: wear warm clothing and sensible footwear with a good grip.
Drivers needs to make sure their cars are weather ready. Check tyres are in good condition and make sure you have a full tank of petrol. The car must be cleared of snow; it is actually an offence not to do so. Keep a warm blanket and water in the car in case you do get stuck.
In all cases, only travel if necessary.
We are in for another cold night, so stay safe, stay warm and be vigilant.

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