Ben is in learning mode, and has been in London to attend a chiropractic educational course.
He attended a seminar entitled ‘ Neuroseminars: Basal Ganglionic and Cerebellar dysfunction in Musculoskeletal and Movement disorders ‘. The learning event was led by Nicole Oliver, a leading practitioner of chiropractic neurology. Neuro-chiropractors have qualified in chiropractic, so are already experts in the spinal and musculoskeletal system. They go on to gain further advanced qualifications in postgraduate education that enable them to further specialise in the brain and neurological system. This course looked at how problems in specific areas of the brain (the basal ganglia and the cerebellum) can affect muscle and joint function, as well as movement.
There was a lot of fascinating information and revision of some of the specialised neurological testing that can elicit neurological dysfunction. The influence of seemingly trivial exercises on function is interesting. One example is how specific eye exercises can improve function in larger muscle groups.
Chiropractic is a varied and absorbing discipline and new ideas and evidence are ever present. Chiropractors are constantly learning. It is important for any clinicians to keep up to date with the latest evidence and learning alongside colleagues is also a good opportunity to share ideas. Chiropractic is a dynamic profession, and the outcome of new research contributes to continued good practice. This discipline of learning is recognised by chiropractic regulatory bodies. Continuing professional development is a pre requisite for chiropractors in the United Kingdom to be able to continue practicing.
Thanks to Nicole for a stimulating update.

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