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 The Back Room

Chiropractic Clinic

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B13 8EY

0121 439 2726

Consultation Service – New Patients

When you attend The Back Room Chiropratic Clinic for the first time you will have a full consultation and examination appointment.

This initial appointment allows Ben, our Chiropractor, to develop a thorough understanding about your particular condition. Ben will take your case history and perform an orthopaedic and neurological physical examination.

All of the information gathered during the consultation will enable Ben to give you a clear report of your presenting condition and allow us to provide you with the most appropriate treatment and help facilitate a successful recovery.

The appointment also allows you the opportunity to chat with Ben about any treatment queries or concerns you may have.

Ben is always happy to explain any techniques or answer any questions you may have.

Our Fees

New Patients
Consultation Service£45
Imaging Services
X-Rays (on-site)£55
MRI (referred)£245
Treatment Session
Children (under 16)£25

Imaging Service

Sometimes, if clinically required, patients may need an X-ray or a MRI.

X-rays are undertaken on-site by Ben, who is a qualified radiologist. The X-rays will be taken at the time of your first consultation and examination appointment.

The Back Room Chiropractic Clinic also has the capacity to refer patients for a MRI.

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Treatment Plan

Depending on the outcome of your initial consultation and examination, Ben will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Initial treatment can be more frequent but as your condition improves the frequency of treatment sessions you need will be less intensive. Sometimes, mainentance treatment sessions are also recommended to prevent your condition from re-occuring.

Massage Therapy Service

We are also able to provide massage therapy service. Massage therapy is proven to work very effectively in conjunction with chiropractic treatment. Please call us or ask at reception for more details.

Is Chiropractic Treatment suitable for you?

If you are unsure if chiropractic care is right for you, then please feel free to contact us. Ben will be happy to advise whether or not chiropractic treatment is clinically suitable for your particular condition and, if so, how you would benefit.

Private Healthcare Insurance

We cover all major healthcare insurance providers including BUPA.  We are also able to cover insurance provided by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund.

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The Back Room

First Class Chiropractic Care

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