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Consultation Appointment: New Patient

Time Required for Consultation Appointment

Please allow 30-60 minutes for the new patient consultation appointment.  You will be booked in for this consultation appointment with either Ben or Faheem, our friendly Chiropractors. Subsequent appointments are approximately 15 minutes long and will be with either Ben or Faheem, subject to who undertook your initial new patient consultation.


At your first appointment, our reception team will welcome you and ask you to complete a new patient questionnaire. This will provide your designated Chiropractor with information about your reasons for consulting with a chiropractor, and any other health information which may be relevant to your care.

Your appointment will reflect the time needed to complete paperwork.

History and Examination

Your Chiropractor will take a thorough history and examination. Dependent on your presenting condition, you may be asked to undress to your underwear so an accurate examination can be performed. You will be given a clinic gown to wear.

A number of neurological and orthopaedic tests will be carried out to pinpoint the cause of your problem.

Diagnostic Tests

X-rays are a vital tool in aiding the diagnosis of spinal related problems. During your history and examination Ben or Faheem will determine whether X-ray imaging will be of value.

If they are required, X-rays can be quickly and safely performed in our in-house X-ray facility. Ben is a qualified radiologist as well as a chiropractor and has undertaken all necessary training to safely perform X-ray imaging at the clinic for his and Faheem’s patients.

If deemed necessary, referral for MRI scanning can be arranged.

Report of Findings

Before any treatment is carried out, your Chiropractor will sit down with you and go through a report of examination findings.

They will explain the outcome of the orthopaedic/neurological tests carried out. In addition, they will also report on the results of any X-ray carried out and give you information about the likely diagnosis.

The various options of treatment will be discussed. The basis of treatment will be explained and any possible associated benefits or adverse effects. At this time Ben or Faheem will advise you about the recommended treatment regime, or if they feel further investigations are indicated. They will also give advice on self help.

Once you are happy with your Chiropractor’s recommendations, you are ready for your first treatment. If you are in agreement, a report of findings will be sent to your GP.

Individual Treatment Plan

Treatment Techniques

Treatment plans are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual patient. Treatments include spinal manipulations (otherwise known as adjustments), soft tissue massage, use of an Activator® (a device that can painlessly help to mobilize joints), ergonomic and postural advice and rehabilitative exercise.

Treatment Duration

Individual treatment sessions last for approximately 15 minutes. The number and frequency of treatment sessions you require is subject to a number of factors. Ben or Faheem will discuss this with you at your consultation appointment and you can find our more on our FAQ page.

Exercise Plans

Exercise at home (using recommended exercise plans) is almost always recommended to consolidate any chiropractic treatment and to help maintain wellness.

Treatment Progress

Your response to treatment is constantly monitored and your Chiropractor will carry out a progress report as treatment progresses. This enables them to ensure that an appropriate treatment response is occurring.

I had a car crash about 7 years ago and suffered with headaches and lower back pain since.

My friend who I work with highly recommended Ben and spoke very highly of Ben.

My first session I must admit I was nervous and twitchy,

but Ben was amazing and kept me calm and explained everything as he went along.

I have been for a few sessions and can happily say no more headaches and no more back pain...

Ben himself is funny and kept me at ease at all times. Thank You Ben.

Also want to add the lady at the front desk Daphne is always welcoming and polite.

THANKS once again.

Rukhsana Sadiq

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Private Healthcare Insurance

We cover all major healthcare insurance providers including BUPA.

We are also able to cover insurance provided by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund.

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