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Headaches affect almost everyone at some point and they can present in different ways. Some of the most common headaches can cause pain across the forehead or cause pain at the back of the skull which can radiate up into the face.

Most headaches are normally easily treated with chiropractic care.

Migraine type headaches can also respond to chiropractic care.  Migraines can be triggered by a number of factors but are normally straightforward to treat. It is always a good idea to get assessed.

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Causes of Headaches

One of Ben’s special interest areas is the origin of headaches and the underlying neurology.

The commonest cause of virtually all headaches is a problem in your neck or the muscles at the base of your skull – known as cervicogenic, suboccipital, or tension headaches.

This could be due to a stiff joint, muscle tightness or a nerve irritation and can cause significant discomfort. You may feel this as a dull pain, sometimes sharp. These headaches are normally easily treated.


Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic (tension) headaches are the most common type of headache. The name ‘cervicogenic’ means ‘arising from the neck’. Symptoms can range from a dull ache across the back of the head to pain behind the eyes.

Tension can build up in the muscles supporting the neck – the trapezius and scalenes (see below). This can be due to stress or bad posture and can build up as the day progresses.

Ben has published a dissertation exploring the causative role of the trigeminal nerve in cervicogenic headaches.


Muscle Trigger Points

A number of muscles around the head and neck are implicated in presentations of different types of headaches. Triggering or irritation of these muscles can cause some of the headache symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Trapezius: a large flat muscle that runs through the upper and mid back. Trigger points in this muscle can cause headache to the back of the head and the temple.

Scalenes: a muscle of the neck that can be associated with cervicogenic headache

Sternocleidomastoid (SCM):  this muscle originates from the back of the skull and runs down the side of the neck to attach at the breastbone. Trigger points can cause deep eye pain, headaches over the eye, and even earache. SCM can also be associated with visual disturbance and balance issues.


I had been suffering from migraines for the first time at 40.

MRI scans and GP prescriptions had no positive results.

I had a constant headache for 3 months.

3 sessions with Ben Smith at The Back Room over three weeks and the headaches had completely gone away, my eye twitch had stopped and I am now in full relief.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. A huge relief.

Old Dakota Starr

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Our chiropractors, Ben and Faheem, can fully evaluate the nature of your headache symptoms, including migraine-type headaches.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of headaches are not caused by any serious problems, but those that are require urgent attention.

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