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The hip and knees are two of the largest joints in the body and are involved in a wide range of movements. Pain and restriction can be very limiting.  Although hip and knee joints are designed to withstand repetitive movements and cope with wear and tear, they can become damaged by wear and tear and the ageing process.

Pain in the hips and/or knees can be due to a number of different causes. Ben, our Chiropractor, will accurately determine, from a thorough history and examination, the source of your problem.

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Hip Pain

Causes of Hip Pain

Although you may be experiencing pain in the hip, this may not be the source of pain. Pain can arise from the hip joint or can be referred from elsewhere. Pain and discomfort may be due to problems with the lumbar spine (lower back), groin or pelvis. Your posture and gait can be contributing factors.

Pain in the hip can also be associated with osteoarthritis or overuse of the joint. Osteoarthritis can cause stiffness and reduced mobility over time and the natural cushioning of joints can become worn.

Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain

When considering knee pain, it is useful to understand the complexity of the knee joint. The joint is composed of 3 bones, 4 ligaments, cartilage, menisci and numerous muscles and tendons. It is also divided into three compartments. All these various components must come together and co-ordinate the movement of the joint in a balanced way.

As with hip pain, knee pain can arise from the joint itself or be referred from elsewhere.

Osteoarthritis, ligament or meniscal damage, cartilage injury or wear can all be causative factors.

Injury or overuse, or any damage to the supporting muscles and tendons can cause pain in the knee.

Being overweight can cause stress to the knee joint.

Treatment of Knee Pain

Ben or Faheem, our Chiropractors, will examine the knee joint and perform specific orthopaedic and neurological tests to establish the underlying cause of the knee pain. The best course of treatment, exercises and self help management can then be established.

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chiropractor Birmingham
chiropractor Birmingham
chiropractor Birmingham
chiropractor Birmingham
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