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For anyone who enjoys exercise, minor sports injuries can be extremely frustrating. They can hamper or prevent you from taking part in the sport that you love.

Exercise is known to help your body produce endorphins; natural chemicals which help fight stress and relieve pain.

It is easy to see how being deprived of exercise can be mood lowering. No matter why you exercise, we know that injuries can be detrimental to both your physical and psychological wellbeing.

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Our chiropractor Ben Smith, has worked with sports enthusiasts at every level from Olympians – representing Great Britain in athletics, cycling and badminton disciplines – to Tour de France cyclists.

He counts amongst satisfied clients, Premiership and Championship footballers, as well as elite cage fighters, wrestlers and national level judo competitors. At the Back Room Chiropractic Clinic, we have worked with international cricketers and we are extremely proud to work alongside Kings Heath Cricket Club.

Marathon runners, Olympic triathletes, national level golfers… the list is long!

In amongst this array of elite athletes, Ben and Faheem will more commonly see those of us who play sport or use a gym for enjoyment and fitness.

A keen sportsman I often become misaligned

and the regular treatment at The Back Room has meant that I can continue to perform at optimum levels.

Peter Wallis

Causes of Sport Injuries

The cause of sports injuries can be from overuse during a particular sporting activity (sometimes known as repetitive strain) or can be the result of trauma (from a fall or a collision). Injuries can also occur when an incorrect movement can result in a sprain or a strain.

Repetitive Strain

Sports can involve repeating the same movement often and this can result in repetitive strain. Age, unfortunately, can play a big part in this form of injury. Younger people are less likely to suffer than older people.

There can be internal (intrinsic) factors at play such as being born with certain weaknesses. External (extrinsic) factors can include inappropriate equipment (such as old running shoes) or stress to the body from factors such as inadequate warm ups and repeated stress (such as running on hard surfaces).


An impact injury can result in damage to muscles, ligaments or soft tissues. Ligaments help hold joints together whilst soft tissues connect muscles to bones.

Ben or Faheem will be able to employ techniques to relieve inflammation and aid healing but, until you are able to see one of our Chiropractors, it is always useful to follow the RICE acronym:


Rest the injury

to prevent further injury


Ice the injury

to reduce swelling and relieve pain


Compress the injury

with support bandaging


Elevate the injury

when injury affects the knee or ankle

Common Sports Injuries

Some of the common sports injuries that we help people with at The Back Room Chiropractic Clinic are:


Lower Back Pain


Calf Strain


Tennis Elbow


Achilles Tendon Sprain


Hamstring Strain


Thigh Injuries


Rotator Cuff Injuries




Golfer's Elbow


Plantar Fascitiis


Groin Strain

Treating Sports Injuries

Ben or Faheem will employ a number of techniques, such as chiropractic adjustments, to free stiff joints and ease spinal nerve irritation.

He may use soft tissue massage and will advise you how to prevent further flare ups with exercises to improve flexibility.


Advice from Ben our Chiropractor

In my many years of experience, I have found that the lower limb injuries listed above tend to be associated with an underlying problem in the lower back or pelvis.

Similarly, upper limb injuries to the muscles can be associated with dysfunctions found in the neck and shoulder girdle”

The danger signs to look out for are numbness in your saddle area and difficulty in initiating or stopping bladder or bowel movement. This could represent a medical emergency and you need urgent medical attention.

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