We have had out first dustings of snow here in Birmingham, but for some of us, winter means looking further afield for winter sports.
Skiing and snowboarding are annual pursuits for most of us and injuries can occur from not being well prepared. Here at the Clinic we’ve got a few top tips to keep safe, whether you’re skiing down the Alps, or sledging in the back garden:

Keep in shape and make sure your muscles are well conditioned. Prior to a winter holiday it’s advisable to prepare with some knee and quadriceps strengthening work.
Make sure you warm up before hitting the slopes. Muscles, tendons and ligaments that are cold before exercise are especially prone to injury.
If you are an annual winter sports enthusiast, make sure you take time to get used to slopes. It might be an idea to take a lesson from a local instructor.
Know your limits. Stop if you are in pain, or tired. Injuries can occur when you are fatigued
Never go out onto the slopes alone, or at least, not without letting others know exactly where you are at all times
Wear the correct protective gear. Helmets are always advisable, wrist guards are a wise option for snowboarders. Wear lots of thin layers, and protect your face and eyes from sun and snow.
If you are sore after warming down try applying an ice pack for a few minutes and repeat every couple of hours (remember to wrap a towel around the ice pack to prevent ice burn)
Keep well hydrated; drink plenty of water before during and after activities
Enjoy the winter season and remember there are lots of ways to enjoy the snow

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