We live in a world where technology keeps us constantly connected. Mobile devices enable us to have access or be accessible 24 hours a day ( if we chose to be).

There are, arguably, a number of negative factors to being able to keep in touch anywhere, anytime. In terms of chiropractic, the main downside is the physical toll of having to carry our technology around. Whilst a mobile phone may have a low load bearing impact on our bodies, items such as laptops and associated media items can be more wearing.

It’s not just technological items that cause strain. How many of us are guilty of carrying bags that are full of unnecessary weight? Here at the Back Room Chiropractic Clinic, it is not unusual for us to see patients whose problems arise solely from the weight and style of bag that they regularly use.

Ben has a few key points for protecting your back when carrying your bags:

Lose the weight. How often do you empty your bag, rather than adding extra weight? Ben’s tip is to keep the contents of your bag to 7 essential items. It may not feasible but at least it will get you thinking about what you are carrying! It’s especially hard when you are a parent of younger children to streamline items that you may need when you’re out.

Keep the weight distribution equal. Using a rucksack will help load weight more evenly across your back, as long as you carry it on both shoulders. It is also important that you make sure the straps are well adjusted holding the bag closer to your body.

Don’t just use one bag. If you have a lot to carry then divide the load evenly across two bags and carry one in each hand.

It is astonishing how common items such as bags and luggage can have implications for our spinal health. Try to think of your back when you load up with bags

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