January is the time for us to reflect and often make plans for change. New Year’s Resolutions often involve pledging to improve physical activity, but is it easy to make time in our lives?
Recommendations include aiming for 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week. With busy jobs, often involving commutes and sedentary activity (such as sitting at a desk) some estimates show that, on average,  we are sitting for nearly 9 hours a day. Inactivity and a lack of fitness have long term health implications, and these statistics are worrying.
But, how can we break away from the desk-based work culture, and try to incorporate a bit more movement in our working day?
There is help available in our locality. Sport Birmingham is part of the Workplace Challenge, an initiative set up by 30 County Sports Partnership and running across England. The aim is to try and promote physical activity in the place where most of us spend a large part of our day: at work!
There will be a series of events and ideas on how you and your colleagues can work together to get fit for January.
Physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing, so this initiative is doubly useful, especially in the dark winter months.
See the links below to try and calculate your own activity levels, and see what initiatives are able for you and your workplace

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