This has been the most exceptional time in our lives.  As we have passed the third month of lockdown, we have started to return to a normal that is unlike anything we have previously known.

Here at the Backroom Chiropractic Clinic we have closely followed guidance from both the Government and the British Chiropractic Association, the advisory body for chiropractors.

At the clinic, we have conducted a risk assessment study and have measures in place that, for the last three weeks, have allowed us to manage acute and emergency care. Ben has all appropriate and necessary PPE and we request that patients wear face coverings when they attend for treatment.

On the 15th June, our advisory body, the BCA recommended that, provided risk assessment and patient safety remains the utmost priority, chiropractors can resume consultations involving routine and maintenance care.

Initially, we are able to see clients who do not fall into an ‘at-risk’ category. If you do fall into this bracket and need advice, please do contact Ben at the clinic.

Ben is operating a strict policy of one patient in the clinic at any one time. This allows him adequate time to clean down between clients; please be prompt for your appointment time, as you will not be able to be seen even if you are a few minutes late . You will be asked to give your consent to treatment, and your temperature will be checked on arrival at the clinic.

In the last few months, so many new words and phrases have become part of our vocabulary; social distancing, furlough, lockdown, shielding, to name a few. Now the go to phrase is ‘new normal’. We are not back to the stage we were at when we saw in this new decade; at least we may have a springboard from which we can cautiously start to begin recovery and restoration.

We wish you all safe and well.

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