It is a reasonable assumption that most of us pursue exercise activities to achieve greater fitness and/or weight loss. If you have even a passing interest in exercise regimes, you will have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This form of exercise contrasts with the traditional Moderate Continuous Training exercises (such as fitness classes or running). HIIT involves short bursts of high intensity anaerobic exercise interspersed with less intense periods of recovery. These are often short exercise programmes of twenty to thirty minutes.
There is a growing belief that HIIT is a better form of exercise for fitness and weight loss. HIIT is certainly an increasingly popular exercise regime, not least because the time commitment is minimal and can be slotted into the busiest days.
Is there any science behind the claims that HIIT workouts have a superior weight and fat reduction? Well, it seems that the research favours HIIT over moderate continuous training exercise. The British Journal of Sports Medicine has published research that shows that whilst HIIT and moderate continuous exercise both reduce percentage body fat, HIIT is actually nearly 30% more effective in weight (kg) reduction.
From a chiropractic viewpoint, whilst this is positive in terms of identifying efficient exercise modalities, it is important to recognise ones’ limitations and be joint safe. On a more personal front, Ben swears by HIIT!

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